Smash Runners : Super Marionette Battle


Exciting online battle!!
– Race: Up to 4 players competing for a goal.
– Battle: Individual warfare where up to 5 players fight for coins.
– Team battle: Up to 10 players, 5 vs 5 fight for coins.

■Various Weapons
Get items by hitting [!] and [?] blocks!
– Strawberry: get mega big, destroy the blocks you encounter, and trample on your rivals.
– Speed Shoes: speed up to overtake your rivals.
– Banana: let your rivals slip on them.
– Knife: throw them at your rivals.
– Shuriken: target and knock down your rivals.
– Bomb: blow away your rivals.
– Boomerang: hunt down your rivals, but be careful as it comes back.
– Laser: extreme powerful and long beam.
– Somersault Wave: strong wave attack.

■Multiple Runners
Collect coins to unlock new runners or level them up for more speed or life.
Each runner has unique abilities and offers multiple ways to enjoy the game.



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