Get ready for the ultimate online brawl in “Mashup Bros.”! 🌟

Use weapons and jumps to defeat rivals and snatch their coins!

MASHUP BROS. Super Marionette Brawl

Join the chaos as you jump, fight, and steal coins in this retro-inspired online battle game.

Set your rivals on fire, blow them up with bombs, and experience hilarious parodies of classic games.

GamePad : Move = (←)(→) / Jump = (B) / Fire = (A)
Keyboard : Move = [←][→] / Jump =[↑] / Fire = [space] key

★ Weapon of Choice
Headbutt the shiny gold blocks on the map to get weapon items!
Get Mega Big with strawberries to smash through blocks and stomp enemies!
Weapons include bombs, fire, ice, knives, boomerangs, shurikens, lasers, and banana peels.

★ Battle Your Way to the Top
Engage in Battle Royales with up to 5 players or Duel in 1v1 matches.
Win and rank up! Lose and rank down. Aim to be the top player!
In friend matches, set a password to play with your friends.

★ Mashup Characters
Unlock parody-filled characters by collecting coins!
Each character has different health points, speed, and weapons, so find your favorite.

Whether you’re a kid or an old-school gamer, “Mashup Bros.” offers endless fun and nostalgia. With its charming pixel art and chaotic gameplay, it’s the perfect blend of old and new!

Join the unpredictable real-time online battles now!

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